Why Choose JES


JES provides personnel who are innovative in their approach to challenges presented by W/ WWTP. Multi-tasking is a quality that all JES operators possess. In a time of crisis, many times the availability of routine resources is suddenly unavailable and the ability to remain in compliance is challenged. With our multitude of resources, we can handle most issues on short notice or come up with alternatives to adequately solve challenges.

(2) Licensed operators to meet state regulations

Whether your system is industrial or municipal, JES has a licensed operator who can fulfill the requirements of your small to medium sized facility. Do you already have personnel in place to handle the day to day responsibilities but are in need of a licensed operator lo meet state regulations? JES can provide the license and be available on an as-needed basis.

(3) Operations

System not running as well due to the dilapidation of onsite equipment? Some systems are in need of major upgrades which can be cost prohibitive. An operator from JES can extend the operability of these older systems by incorporating innovative techniques which will allow your system to remain in compliance in spite of the increasing difficulty of running a treatment system that has outdated and poorly maintained equipment.


(4) Cost Effective and Safer Chemical Alternatives

JES will vigorously investigate alternative means to reduce the cost of the chemical by providing different options, perhaps even reducing the reliance on these chemicals, including safety and healthcare issues.

(5) 24 Hr. On-Call Availability

Many times, emergencies arise during off-hours. During these times, JES operators are only a call away. Depending on the situation, an operator will be available to direct corrective measures over the phone or come on-site and work diligently to bring the situation back to normal conditions. Delaying a response can make small emergencies info major plant disruptions. JES will exhaust all avenues to prevent such scenarios from ever developing. Daily testing, responsible, and consistent operation makes the unexpected hurdles less of a problem and the recovery from upsets much quicker.

(6) Improved Client Profitability

Plant upsets, economical impacts unrelated to operation {i.e., soaring fuel costs), scheduling changes in production, and budget reforecast, are some of the “unknown factors” which can affect the bottom line in unanticipated costs. These costs can sometimes overwhelm budgetary forecasts to the point they reduce a company’s profitability. JES personnel are aware of these circumstances and are adept at making adjustments on the fly. Changing the scope of operations temporarily to be able to meet these financial challenges is the focus of our operators.

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